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All images by Júlia Blažejová


End End

By Petra Fornayová et al. 

Created and Interpreted by Petra Fornayaová and Vlado Zboroň

(Petra Fornayaová, Bratislava)

Premiere: 30 May 2018

Date I Saw This Show: 5 May 2019


What I Saw


The A4 Theatre space is located behind a heavy metal club and underneath a dance club.  There’s a nice café area, then you go down through a narrow staircase and enter into an old meeting hall a la an Oddfellows Hall. The stage is empty, a blank, black space. The house quiets as the black world begins to be divided with white lines. Are they circuit boards, blueprints, divisions, or paths?  Petra Fornayová has been a force in the Slovak Dance and Physical Theatre scene for over a decade.  Her work explores the intersection of performance genres and End End sits at the intersection of text, dance, technology, and science, each defining and rebuking the other in turn. 


“Who do you move for?

Who do you dance for?”


These questions frame the relationship between Vlado Zboroň, whose poetic and rigid persona counter Fornayová’s physical and impressionistic attempts to engage and disengage from his presence.  


The projections by Jakub Pišek become the lines of a house, where the couple’s relationship grows distant and transforms into a maze in which Fornaová and Zboron become trapped. Visually, physically, and poetically driven work that shows Nova Drama continuing to expand an audience’s idea of what theatre can be.

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