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All images by Katie Simmons-Barth



Interrobang Theatre Company, Baltimore MD

Writer & Director: Katie Hileman
Cast: Becca Glantz, Betse Lyons, Meghan Taylor

Set, Costume, Prop Designer: Katie Hileman

Choreographer: Caitlin Rife

Production Manager: Tessara Farley

Lighting Designer: Adam Mendelson

Vocal Arrangement: Amanda Rife

Technical Director: Sam Gallagher

Sound Designer: C. Swan-Streepy

Stage Manager: Kiirstn Pagan

Run Crew: Susan Graham

Company/Artist History


We want it to be new. We want it to be relevant. We want it to be potent. We want it to challenge the theatre community and ourselves to be more creative than we were yesterday through the production and development of new plays written, designed, and performed by Baltimore artists. We are Interrobang.

Katie Hileman is a Baltimore based DIY theatre-maker and dog lover currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre from Towson University, having received her BFA in Acting from UMBC. She is the Artistic Director and a founder of The Interrobang Theatre Company. Katie has worked as a director/actor/playwright/intimacy choreographer locally and regionally with companies including The Acme Corporation, Rapid Lemon Productions, Tres Brujas Productions, Submersive Productions (company member), Venus Theatre Company, Cohesion Theatre Company, Rep Stage, Single Carrot Theatre, and more. Katie is passionate about weird new plays by, about, and for messy, ugly, contemporary women. Katie loves to knit, eat pizza, and change her hair when she feels stressed. Her original work centers around how much she hates theatre, the patriarchy, herself, and being alive. Please hire her.

About the Piece


You are cordially invited to a dinner party to celebrate one fat woman’s decision to lose weight. Join us for a delicious, five course meal examining diet culture, representation, and what it’s really like to be a fat woman+ in today’s society. There’s singing. There’s dancing. There’s even cake. Because we all deserve dessert! (In moderation of course!) Remember: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right? ....right?

"i will eat you alive" was inspired by and written after a series of interviews conducted between fat playwright, Katie Hileman, and a community of self-identified fat women+.

We are fat. We are here. And we will eat you alive.







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