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Written and Directed by Sasha Denisova

Moscow Art Theatre, Moscow

April 1, 2016, 7pm


As we enter the theater, we find the actors already onstage, chatting, watching us. It’s a small space with a small cast: there is a kitchen table and a bed onstage, what could pass for a cheap and simple NY apartment (though, of course, it isn’t). The walls are—for now—black. A few times, the actors help audience members find seats. At the top of the play, they disappear. 


At rise, we meet our protagonist: a young man, a seemingly successful businessman, perhaps based in Moscow. He is on the phone with his mother. Through his conversation, we learn he  has just discovered the whereabouts of his long lost father, a genius mathematician who left him and his mother when young to form a second family. He has decided to visit this family, and upon doing so, he meets a speechless man: his father is mute, largely unresponsive, and has been for some time. His wife, a doting, fiercely religious middle-aged woman, insists there is no hope for the man, but his son thinks otherwise.



Cast size and detail: 6 (Including Musicians)

Touring Size:  18

Minimum height/width/depth of stage: 7M, 8M, 3.5M

Set Up time (including sound and light): 4 hours

Freight: 14-16 m3

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Representation: Pavel Rudnev +7-903-522-2489, More information at

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