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Photos by Randy Lovelace, Kelsey Ross, Timothy Mar, Toby Morris



Submersive Productions

Core Creative Team: Josh Aterovis, David Brasington, Kim Le, Bella Lucero, Ursula Marcum, Mika Nakano, Jess Rassp, Trustina Sabah, Glenn Ricci, Dani Turner
Featuring a new composition by: Briay Conditt
Additional music & sound: Glenn Ricci

Composite Characters: Marissa Dahl, Jessie Delaplaine, Hannah Fenster, Betse Lyons, Mika Nakano, Jess Rassp, Susan Stroup, Kaya Vision, Natanya Washer, Josh Aterovis, Tara Cariaso, Emily Hall, Trustina Sabah, Lisi Stoessel, Elizabeth Ung, Caitlin Weaver, David Brasington, Zipporah Brown, Ursula Marcum, Dani Turner, Katharine Vary, Jacob Zabawa, Kim Le, Caitlin Bouxsein, Andrea Clayville, Theresa Columbus, Rae Hample, Andrea Luxenberg, Desirée Rowe

Production Manager: Bella Lucero

Costume Design: Deana Fisher Brill

Lighting Consult: Michael Logue

Lighting Tech: Mara Falbo-Wild

Sound Tech: C. Swan-Streepy

Tech Assistant: Victoria Martin

Puppetry: Jessie Delaplaine, Ursula Marcum, Jess Rassp, Chris Reuther

Company History


Submersive Productions is a collaborative artworks company that creates original, site-specific immersive works where artists and audiences engage together at the intersection of histories, mythologies and the immediate experience.

Based in Baltimore, we devise works that make the audience essential to the journey of the narrative.

We work with teams of artists and performers to make worlds that engage the senses and unfold stories, both familiar and forgotten.

About the Piece


Each character in the production is inspired by multiple women and non-binary individuals, most of which are represented in the collections and history of the Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University. These composite characters are the result of equal parts research and imagination-- they come from many different time periods, and they are both real and imagined. Below is a list of these characters followed by the real individuals that inspired them.

Listen to women and non-binary people. 
​Everything is connected.





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